Operation system torque loading is higher, pursuit the equipment efficiency, improving customer groups; torque rating grade: 9≤T/A3≤13.5

Conventional modification job based on customers; torque rating grade: T/A3≤8

Suitable for universities and scientific research laboratories used for technology, formula development, small-scale production, etc

The 1st stage is SHJ/HT series co-rotating twin screw compounding extruder. The 2nd stage is SJ series single screw extruder

Special field extruders in cable material, fluoroplastic, thermoplastic elastomer, super-critical Co2 foaming, additive compounding, etc.

Offer qualified screw elements, core shaft, barrels, heaters, gear box, etc. And we can also customize the parts as your drawings.

Underwater pelletizing system is good for most of polymers. Especially for TPU and TPV or similar elastomer, its advantage plays well.