HT-95 Twin Screw Extruder for PET Bottle Flakes Recycling and Pelletizing

Machine name: HT-95 high torque twin screw extruder with underwater strand pelletizing
Process material: PET bottle flakes recycling
Output: 1000-1200kg per hour
Brief introduction: adopt the technology of feeding system, L/D, special vacuum system and screw combination of high torque twin screw extruder, PET bottle flakes is properly mixed, plasticized, dehydrated and degassed and finally adopt underwater strand pelletizing to make the granules.
1. Low speed high torque: max. screw rpm: 400.
2. Optimised screw combination: this screw profile combines other technology design for better feeding and plasticization of PET bottle flakes, PET bottle raw material water and low molecular state component removal, in the completion of PET bottle melting plasticization function of the ideal power ratio and energy-saving effect.
3. Special vacuum system: 3 ports for pet bottle flakes moistures and venting, and equip with vacuum system.


High Torque Gear Box

Torque rating grade: 9≤T/A3≤13.5, high torque gear box, high grade domestic main components, NSK/INA bearings.

Screw Elements

Screw element is with closely intermeshed design, block type and can be easily exchanged to suit different material.


Precision grade can reach to IT 6. It is benefit for energy reduction and block type design makes it possible for various combination.

HT-95 Twin Screw Extruder

Model No.: HT-95 twin screw extruder
Raw material: PET bottle flakes
Cutting system: underwater strand cutting
Output: 1000-1200kg per hour
Screw rpm: 400

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